Outsourced CXO - Chief Execution Officer.

During early stages of startup development, filling out "white spaces in senior-level skills", in shortest time and at minimum cost is of crucial importance. Outsourced executives, allow the startup to fulfill this objective, while testing their execution capabilities, on the job, prior to making a long-term commitment. Excellence in execution requires a hands-onproactive and multi-skilled approach.


Early-stage Execution Path

Early-stage startups follow a "sequential" execution path:

  1. Visioning.
  2. Product Architecture & Development.
  3. Market Launch.
  4. Customer Acquisition.
  5. Customer Retention.
  6. Structuring Organization for Growth.
  7. Scaling up.

Funding rounds fuel above execution path.

The sequential nature of tasks allows a "multi-skilled CXO" to transition across roles optimizing cash, at a time when it is scarce.


Contract Options

Time Commitment

  • On demand.
  • Fixed number of hours/month.
  • Full-time.


  • Remote.
  • On-site.

Recent Projects


A full Senior Management team is required to ensure all areas of the company are operating in unison. However, a complete "fixed" team drains considerable resources (either cash or equity).

Since task are sequential in early stage startup development, the appropriate CXO role must be emphasized when most needed. This can be accomplished by "multi-skilled" CXOs transitioning across roles, based on need OR "multiple CXOs" with different time commitments depending on the stage of development. 

In this project CXO roles were emphasized, as follows:

  1. CTO - during mobile app development phase.
  2. CMO - upon app launch to acquire and retain customers.
  3. COO - org. structuring and processes development for scaling up.
  4. CFO - investor document preparation and fund raising strategy for follow-on round.

Above optimization is only possible through "fractional" or "contract" CXO services, such as the ones we offer.

When startup enter a growth stage, a complete "fixed" Senior Management team will likely be put in place.