Outsourced CSO - Chief Strategy Officer.

Outsourced CSOs are big picture thinkers. They help define a startup's long-term vision while outlining a path for execution, across all functional areas. Outsourced CSOs help architect as startup's Business Model (including Revenue Model) and drive its review/update in the presence of innovation driven by technology, competitive and market structure shifts.  The Outsourced CSO envisions Exit Scenarios and assumes lead role during a startup's Exit.

Outsourced CSOs, initially assume the role of Interim CSOs until a permanent  executive is found. Alternatively, the Outsourced CSO may transition to a permanent position. The value proposition of Outsource CSOs is compelling. Their flexible time commitment (Fractional CSO) provides only the level of support needed by the startup, for as long as needed. This ensures the most cost effective support for  startups.



  • Business Strategy development.
  • Business Planning.
  • Business Model development or refinement.
  • Pricing Strategy development.
  • Assessment of Core Capabilities of company and competitors.
  • Sustainability of Competitive Advantage.
  • Innovation Strategy leading to Product Strategy. 
  • Definition of new product features.
  • Acquisition Strategy.
  • Exit Strategy:
    • Preparation for Exit.
    • Exit Pitch development.
    • Identification of potential acquirers.
    • Negotiation with acquirers.

Contract Options

Time Commitment

  • On demand.
  • Fixed number of hours/month.
  • Full-time.


  • Remote.
  • On-site.

Recent Projects


Company transitioning from a "conglomerate" of acquired companies to a Private Equity firm.

Analyzed market, competitors and investor trends to develop Investment Criteria, Developed Compensation Model (Management Fees, Carried Interest) and Organization Structure and Financial and Fund Raising Plans. Processes developed:

  • Deal flow generation.
  • Investment assessment and selection.
  • Due Diligence.
  • Active portfolio management.
  • Exit.
  • Financial Reporting.

Developed "Limited Partner" Pitch to raise first fund.



Assessed the acquisition of six supermarket locations by a supermarket chain.

Performed detailed financial analysis and valuation of each property. 

Determined cost and revenue "synergies" resulting from acquiring all six properties as a package, as well as potential "synergies" resulting from integration with acquiring supermarket chain.

Recommended go/no-go and pricing to be paid for individual and combined properties.


Prepared company in dating space (mobile app based) for "exit".

  • Established financial targets (e.g., MRR, COA, Retention, LTV and EBITDA) to be achieved prior to putting company "up for sale".
  • Identified and monitored completion of internal "house keeping" items prior to offering (e.g., audits, IP filings, accounting processes/systems).
  • Developed "Sales Pitch" and offer documents.
  • Identified and contacted potential acquirers.
  • Exit terms and negotiation.