Outsourced CMO - Chief Marketing Officer. 

Outsourced CMOs support startup Founders/CEOs/Boards with Go to Market strategy development, across B2C and B2B spaces. Outsourced CMOs assess Target Markets, Competitors and Product-Market Fit. They aim to optimize Customer Lifetime Value by reducing Cost of Acquisition while enhancing Retention. They chart Product Road Maps and develop a startup's Brand. 

Outsourced CMOs, initially assume the role of Interim CMOs until a permanent  executive is found. Alternatively, the Outsourced CMO may transition to a permanent position. The value proposition of Outsource CMOs is compelling. Their flexible time commitment (Fractional CMO) provides only the level of support needed by the startup, for as long as needed. This ensures the most cost effective support for  startups.


  • Go to Market Strategy development - B2C and B2B.
    • Market and Competitor Analysis.
    • Target Market Key Success Factors.
    • Company Competitive Advantage.
    • Sustainability of Competitive Advantage.
  • Oversight of entire Marketing and Sales functions.
    • Marketing and Sales budget development.
    • Analysis and tracking of Marketing & Sales expenditures.
    • Sales Commission analysis.
  • Cost of Acquisition reduction.
  • Retention strategies and implementation.
  • Customer Lifetime Value optimization.
  • Online Marketing Strategy.
  • Analysis/optimization of Online Marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Presence optimization.

Contract Options

Time Commitment

  • On demand.
  • Fixed number of hours/month.
  • Full-time.


  • Remote.
  • On-site.

Recent Projects


Go to Market Strategy development.

Market & Competitors Analysis.

Online adverting campaign development and tracking.

  • Reduction of Cost/Download to best in class levels (Google Play Store benchmarks), in two months.
  • In-depth analytics enabled above accomplishment by:
    • Facilitated choice of optimum advertising platform.
    • Target user selection.
    • Location-based and time targeting.
    • Ad messaging.

Retention strategy development and implementation.

  • In-depth analytics to gain understanding of churn drivers.
  • Push notification campaigns (location and time based).
  • In-app chat scripting.


Online marketplace bringing together therapists and customers in need of therapy. Value proposition is to deliver qualified leads and dramatically reduce customer cost of acquisition for  therapists.  

Online Market Strategy optimization.

  • Analysis of customer cost of acquisition and its adequacy to revenue per customer
  • Review of Inbound and Outbound marketing performance.
  • Redefinition of Online Market Strategy.
    • Optimization of SMM.
    • Channel selection. 
    • Improved Content Strategy.
  • Establishment and Tracking of Key Performance Indicators:
    • KIP's identification and tracking for the entire customer acquisition funnel.
    • Above led to drastic reduction in the cost of customer acquisition.
    • Linking cost of acquisition targets to lifetime value of clients.
    • Above ensured long term sustainability of the business.


Company provides a marketplace for home-services providers (e.g., house cleaning, landscaping) to offer services and home residents to hire them.

Go to Market Strategy development.

App Store publishing and app store content optimization.

Linking to app analytics package to track and analyze app download performance across advertising platforms (i.e., attribution). Cohort analysis to track user engagement and loyalty.

Online adverting campaign development and tracking.


Swiss-based company aiming to enter the US. market. Company a provides stock investment research targeting "retail investors" based on an advanced stock ranking tool.  

US. Market Strategy development and execution.

  • Analysis of acquisition and retention of existing clientele in home market.
  • Above was accomplished through "slice & dice" of Google Analytics results coupled with an online customer survey.
  • US. Market Understanding.
    • Addressable market sizing.
    • Competitive Assessment. 
    • Product - US. Market Fit analysis.
    • Assessment of current “subscription models” and levels.
  • Revenue model development.
  • Go to Market Strategy:
    • Selection of advertising channels (e.g., search engine, social media, banners).
    • Advertising Campaign Tracking and Monitoring Plan. Definition of KPIs.
    • Development of Social Media presence.
    • Cost of acquisition tracking and optimization.
    • Customer retention tracking and optimization.