Block-chain Expertise.

Strong focus and understanding of Block-chain technologies as business enablers.

We leverage our understanding to support: a) startups with disruptive business models that leverage block-chain technologies, often introducing their own crypto-currencies; b) established enterprises (i.e.,"transaction intensive") that would benefit from the introduction of Block-chain technologies across key business processes (e.g., supply chain).

Support Areas.

  • Blockchain. Pre-ICO services:
    • "Tokenomics".
      • Token design (e.g., token quantity/price setting, token allocation, use of funds). 
      • Above must be anchored in company valuation and runaway required until the next fund raise.
      • Set of rules of the economic ecosystem where token will be used.
      • Ensure that use of tokens becomes desirable by all ecosystem stakeholders (e.g., clients, suppliers, employees, sponsors).
    • ICO White Paper development. 
      • Business Model development, validation.
      • MVP validation process.
      • Senior Team and Board of Advisors Strategy.
  • Blockchain. Post-ICO services:
    • Outsourced/virtual CFO/CMO/CSO/COO. 
    • Financial Analysis - Crypto currencies investments, mining profitability.
    • Business Planning.
    • Financial Planning - Pro-forma P&L, Cash Flow, Balance Sheet.
    • Go-to-market strategy development & implementation.
    • Revenue model development.
    • Cost structure analysis/design.
    • Company Valuation.
    • Post ICO launch and growth strategies.
  • Introduction of Block-chain technologies in established, transaction-based businesses. Phased adoption life cycle.
    • Discovery: Identifying existing business processes/systems where block-chain technologies would make step-change improvements. Strategy development.
    • Prototyping: Proof of concept/MVP/small scale implementation to validate potential business impact.
    • Implementation: Large scale deployment, integration with existing infrastructure; redesign of current business processes.
    • Performance Tracking: Assessment of benefits. Financial modeling of business benefits resulting from block-chain technologies.

Contract Options

Time Commitment

  • On demand.
  • Fixed number of hours/month.
  • Full-time.


  • Remote.
  • On-site.

Recent Projects by Sector


Outsourced CFO: Token Valuation. Whitepaper Development. ICO Planning & Execution. 



Business Strategy, Go to Market Strategy and Financial Plan development.


Outsourced CFO: Financial Planning and Management. ICO Preparation. 


Outsourced CFO: Investor documents preparation. Business Model refinement. Go to Market Strategy definition.