Chief Marketing Officer. 

Supports Founders/CEO/Board with Go to Market strategy decisions across B2C and B2B spaces. Assesses Target Market and Competitors. Optimizes Customer Lifetime Value by reducing Cost of Acquisition while enhancing Retention. Analyzes Product-Market Fit. Recommends Product Road Map. Develops company Brand.



  • Go to Market Strategy development - B2C and B2B.
    • Market and Competitor Analysis.
    • Target Market Key Success Factors.
    • Company Competitive Advantage.
    • Sustainability of Competitive Advantage.
  • Oversight of entire Marketing and Sales functions.
    • Marketing and Sales budget development.
    • Analysis and tracking of Marketing & Sales expenditures.
    • Sales Commission analysis.
  • Cost of Acquisition reduction.
  • Retention strategies and implementation.
  • Customer Lifetime Value optimization.
  • Online Marketing Strategy.
  • Analysis/optimization of Online Marketing campaigns.
  • Social Media Presence optimization.

Contract Options

Time Commitment

  • On demand.
  • Fixed number of hours/month.
  • Full-time.


  • Remote.
  • On-site.

Recent Projects

User Generated Video Platform.

Go to Market Strategy development. Market and Competitor Analysis.

Online adverting campaign development and tracking.

  • Reduction of Cost/Download to best in class levels (Google Play Store benchmarks), in two months.
  • In-depth analytics enabled above accomplishment by:
    • Facilitated choice of optimum advertising platform.
    • Target user selection.
    • Location-based and time targeting.
    • Ad messaging.

Retention strategy development and implementation.

  • In-depth analytics to gain understanding of churn drivers.
  • Push notification campaigns (location and time based).
  • In-app chat scripting.
Value Added Solution for Payment Platforms

B2B Marketing Strategy. Channel selection. Direct Sales approach. Account Management process development. Sales targets and commission analysis. 

Home Services Marketplace.

Go to Market Strategy development.

App Store publishing and app store content optimization.

Linking to app analytics package to track and analyze app download performance across advertising platforms (i.e., attribution). Cohort analysis to track user engagement and loyalty.

Online adverting campaign development and tracking.