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startup servicesBusiness Plan Development. A business plan allows an entrepreneur to validate the "idea", articulate the customer problem being solved, size the target market potential, assess the strength and number of competitors and identify market success factors to drive the Business Model design. In a business plan, the venture`s business model is defined along with an actionable go to market strategy. Lastly, a financial plan quantifies and forecasts the financial performance of the start up based on its business model. If investor funding is being sought, an Investor Offer section details the amount of start up funding required and the share of equity being offered. Estimates of investors` expected returns might be also presented. Without a coherent, credible and easy to understand business plan, an entrepreneur's chances of obtaining funding are severely diminished.

Business Model Development. Less experienced entrepreneurs often have difficulty in articulating how their venture will generate revenues and the capabilities required to go to market. They tend to be product/service focused. A Business Model is first, a detailed definition of the pricing approach (e.g., subscription, advertising) and the pricing levels necessary to meet marketing/branding and profitability objectives while remaining competitive. It is also a detailing of the capabilities (e.g., sales, distribution, advertising, customer care) that the new venture will bring to bear upon launch to meet its business strategy. Capabilities must be aligned necessarily to "market success factors". Business Models are developed with an understanding that they will be validated and refined, as required, during the Lean Startup rollout.

Operating Model Development. A definition of the inner operations of the new venture. Who will do what, staffing levels, skills required, compensation, internal/outsourced capabilities and partnerships required.

Entrepreneur Mentoring. A service offered to entrepreneurs who require guidance across a variety of areas - business/operational strategy development, marketing campaign development/execution and managing day-to-day activities. Services are tailored to the particular needs of entrepreneurs. Mentoring may be delivered all over the world.

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