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lean startupLaunch of Operations - Planning and Management.

Our launch of operations support services range from end-to-end planning and implementation of the entire operational launch process (first 6-12 months of operations), Interim Senior Management, or just Trusted Business Advisers.

lean startup approach

Lean Startup Launch. The Lean Startup approach focuses on customer "problem" understanding prior to launching “untested” solutions. A Minimum Viable Product (product/service) is first launched to involve the customer directly in validating the solution, while providing feedback mechanisms. Customer “recommended” features through feedback should be rapidly developed and launched as part of a continuous customer-aligned product development cycle. The Lean Startup approach offers several advantages besides increasing the chances of product success in the marketplace. It also reduces product development costs and cycle time since product feature redesigns are drastically reduced. In addition, most of the expenses incurred in market research are eliminated since customers provide feedback "free of charge".

Interim CEO/COO/CFO/CMO and Senior-Management: We source Senior-level Executives with first-hand entrepreneurial experience to manage new ventures during the critical startup period. This is no time to be learning how to run a business. Mentors and Advisers can't allocated the necessary time to run the operations. New ventures need experienced, fully-committed, senior leadership. An Interim Executive structures the new venture - defines and implements key processes (marketing, sales, customer care, product/services development), structures the organization (roles and responsibilities), develops a long term operational plan and eventually hires a permanent Leadership Team (or trains the entrepreneurs for these roles).

Website Development Team Selection and Management: This service addresses a critical challenge for digital entrepreneurs with a great idea but lacking adequate technical resources. In fact, all digital entrepreneurs should consider outsourced development since coding of mobile apps and website development in general have become commodity services. Critical and proprietary development (a small minority) could still be maintained in-house. Our services can help the entrepreneur turn his/her idea into reality, by selecting the appropriate technical partner from a worldwide pool of resources. We manage the development cycle end-to-end, while ensuring that deliverables meet the venture`s business objectives.

Online Marketing Strategy Development and Implementation (startups, medium and large companies): Our value proposition is unique. Our services start with an in-depth understanding of the company, competitors and the market to develop a customer-driven Online Marketing Strategy (SEO, SEM, Social Media). During the Implementation phase, we partner with leading SEO/SEM services providers to support the execution while making sure the overarching marketing objectives are being met. Most SEO/SEM services providers offer cookie-cutter solutions to all their customers.These providers` content development capabilities are generic at best since most are not specialists in a particular business sector. As part of our services, we develop or monitor all content prior to being submitted online to ensure that the customer`s online presence is consistent with its brand.

Corporate Strategy Support (startups, medium and large companies): As classically-trained Management Consultant, we can support C-level Executives and Board Members in articulating the company's vision and business strategy, develop strategic plans, evaluate outside consultants' proposals, identify and analyze M&A opportunities and business expansion options domestically and internationally.

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