plan your venture

business plan

Venture Professional Review

Let an accredited angel investor assess the "fundability" of your venture according to current funding criteria used by Angels and VCs.

Investor Ready Business Plan Development

An investor ready business plan communicates succinctly and persuasively the merits of a new venture according to investors' criteria and outlines a potential path to "exit". It should compel investors to invest.

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search for funding

  • It is crucial to understand the appropriate Funding Sources for your particular venture. Tailor your Pitch or Business Plan according to their funding criteria. If in doubt, seek professional advise.

  • angel investor funding

    Angel Investor Funding

    Early Stage financing. Generally, geographically focused.

  • venture capital funding

    Venture Capital Funding

    Early Stage but mostly Follow-on rounds of financing.

  • lending

    Debt Financing

    A variety of debt instruments with diverse terms and conditions.

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lean startup

lean startup

Lean Startup relies on validated learning, and iterative product/service releases to shorten development cycles, measure progress, and gain valuable customer feedback. Customers are involved directly in the validation process and asked to “recommend” additional features that better address their needs. These new, customer-driven features are rapidly developed and launched as part of a continuous feature-enhancement process driven by customers` input. As a result, products/services that solve customers’ problems are launched without requiring large amounts of initial funding. Lean Startup results in cheaper, faster and more customer-driven product introduction, as compared to traditional methods.

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